Walnut St Fire Co No. 4 Incidents

The Madison Fire Department is divided into two districts. District One is comprised of engines 1, 2 and 3 along with Tower 4. District Two is comprised of engines 5 and 6 and Quint 6. Engine 3 and Tower 4 also respond to District Two industrial, commercial and institutional alarms of any type and to reports of working residential fires.
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Incidents for 2018

These incidents are only the ones responded to by Tower 4. They do not include all of the incidents for the entire City of Madison Fire Department.
Number of Incidents for Tower 4 in 2018 – 35

05/15/18 417 E. 5th St. Residential Trash fire  
05/14/18 1727 Marshall St. Residential Mistaken citizen  
05/11/18 150 Broadway Apartments Elevator rescue  
04/28/18 1020 W. 2nd St. Residential Cooking fire  
04/26/18 220 Walnut St. Residential Odor of smoke  
04/17/18 1424 Clifty Dr. Restaurant Odor of smoke  
04/14/18 426 Moody Park Residential Pole transformer  
04/10/18 1838 Crozier Ave. Residential Structure fire 2 fatalities
04/07/18 610 Elm St. Residential Cooking fire  
04/05/18 1231 Allen St. Residential Smoke odor  
03/28/18 860 W. 3rd St. N/A Broken Gas Main Contractor
03/26/18 770 W. 3rd St. Residential Detector sounding  
03/09/18 101 W. 2nd St. Senior Housing Cooking fire  
03/01/18 214 Craven St. Residential Odor of gas  
02/28/18 603 Green Rd. Residential Cooking fire  
02/24/18 914 W. Main St. Residential Flooded basement  
02/20/18 101 W. 2nd St. Senior Housing Cooking fire  
02/20/18 400 Clifty Dr. Restaurant C.O. Alarm  
02/13/18 821 W. Main St. Residential Odor of gas  
02/11/18 101 W. 2nd St. Senior Housing Cooking fire  
02/05/18 221 W. Main St. Comfort Station Alarm Sounding  
02/04/18 2223 Michigan Rd. Apartments Structure fire 16 degrees
02/04/18 101 W. 2nd St. Senior Housing Cooking fire  
02/03/18 2836 Meadow Wood Residential Structure fire  
02/03/18 214 Craven St. Residential Trash fire  
01/28/18 1724 Washington Residential Structure Fire  
01/24/18 Bridge N/A Rescue Stand-by Jumper
01/25/18 Courthouse Government Alarm Sounding  
01/22/18 700 blk W. Main N/A Pole Transformer  
01/21/18 770 W 3rd St. Residential Detector Sounding  
01/20/18 770 W. 3rd St. Residential Detector Sounding  
01/17/17 505 Walnut St. Residential Embers in Bldg  
01/17/18 505 Walnut St. Residential Structure Fire 5 degrees
01/12/18 501 Phillips Ln. Residential Smoke in Bldg  
01/11/18 811 W. 3rd St. Residential C.O. Alarm  
01/01/18 101 W 2nd St. Senior Housing Cooking fire  


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