WSFC 4 Houses New Kawasaki Mule

New Rescue Unit for City Use

Walnut Street Fire Company No. 4 will house a city-owned fire utility vehicle, a Kawasaki Mule. It carries 50 gallons of Class A foam, two pressurized water extinguishers, two 20-pound dry chemical extinguishers, a Class K extinguisher and assorted tools. It can also carry a stokes basket for transporting patients.

The unit will primarily be used during Madison’s many festivals when access is limited for first line fire apparatus, and it can be used in rough terrain.

Fire Rescue Unit
New Fire Rescue Unit

National Fire Statistics

Statistical Information from the NFPA

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) says that as of 2012:

  • There are an estimated 30,100 fire departments in the U.S.
  • Of those, 9% are career (paid) departments
  • 24% are part paid and part volunteer
  • 67% are all volunteer


  • There are approximately 1,129,000 firefighters in the U.S.
  • 31% are career ( paid ) firefighters
  • 69% are volunteer firefighters
  • 72% of career firefighters work in cities with populations of 25,000 or more
  • 95% of volunteer firefighters protect populations of less than 25,000