Seagrave Re-purchased

City of Madison Re-Purchased Our 1973 Seagrave

The 1973 green Seagrave quint operated by Walnut Street Fire Company No. 4 from 1973 – 1994 has returned to Madison, Indiana. Sold to the Jefferson-Craig Fire Department in Vevay, Indiana in 1994, the now 38-year old truck has been purchased by the City of Madison as a reserve apparatus for the Madison Volunteer Fire Department, and will be stored in a heated building at the Madison Municipal Airport. The pump and 85-ft aerial ladder are operational, but will be given safety checks before the truck is declared available for reserve service.

Seagrave Quint (85-ft Aerial Ladder) (1973 – 1994)

The 1973 Seagrave Quint, the first true aerial ladder and the first green truck in Madison was first owned by the Walnut Street Fire Company No. 4. It had a Detroit Diesel engine with a 5-speed standard transmission and a 1,000 gpm, single-stage Seagrave pump. There were midship crosslays and the original booster lines were removed to allow for additional storage of portable equipment. The single rear axle truck had a midship mounted 85-ft steel aerial ladder and had a full complement of ground ladders including a 40-ft Bangor ladder. The split hose bed provided for dual lays of 3″ supply lines. The truck was sold to the Jefferson – Craig Volunteer Fire Department in Vevay, IN when the Fours replaced it in 1994. (Read more about Fire Company Four’s apparatus history.)

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